Welcome to Cricket Performance Point

Cricket Performance Point has been formed with a vision to make cricket in India to reach the farthest corners of India.

Although various states of India individually represent the game of cricket, it has yet to reach untapped remote areas. In India, there is no dearth of talent. However, in most small towns and villages, there’s lack of accessibility to the game of cricket. Children often find themselves living away from the world of cricket. They have what it takes to be a cricketer; what they don’t have are the facilities and opportunities that will help them reach national or international level.

With that in mind, Cricket Performance Point has been formed. How different would be Cricket Performance Point from others?

At Cricket Performance Point, a player will earn points and those points will decide how well he achieves success. That way, his performance alone will be the criteria.

Cricket Performance Point will spot the talent of India’s next generation and give it a platform.

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